#IfYouLoved Recommendation – TV Shows

Here are some TV show recommendation for when your favourite show’s next season is too far away and you don’t know what to do with your life anymore.

  1. Game of Thrones – The Tudors


It is based on Henry VIII, and his reign over England. Just like GoT, The Tudors is all about political power. The show has a huge ensemble cast with faces you’re sure to recognise. All four seasons of the The Tudors are available to stream on Netflix and Amazon on Demand. While you wait for the 7th season of GoT, we recommend you to watch The Tudors.

2. Stranger Things – Supernatural


Stranger Things reminds me of the early episodes of Supernatural — the urban legend, classic-rock-filled Supernatural, before the days of angels and the apocalypse. The first season in particular even looks like Stranger Things, with darker lighting and storylines set in quiet corners of America: a more exciting setting than it appears to be. Plus, the Winchesters’ family drama rivals that of the Byers bunch. Watching Supernatural might not be such a bad recommendation after all. Give it a shot.

3. The Walking Dead – The Strain


Much like The Walking Dead, The Strain also started with an outbreak, though this one plagues New York City. However after, Dr. Ephraim Goodweather and his team from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) begin to investigate the outbreak they discover it appears to be an outbreak of an ancient and evil strain of vampirism. If you particularly enjoy seeing how much the walker’s bodies disintegrates as time passes in The Walking Dead, then you’ll enjoy watching as the characters in The Strain slowly become more and more decrepit. So for all you The Walking Dead fans, The Strain is the perfect recommendation.

4. Westworld – Under the Dome465_1024x411under_the_dome_intertitle

Based of Stephen King’s novel, Under the Dome had us feeling claustrophobic throughout its run, which followed the township of Chester’s Mill after they find themselves trapped under a giant transparent dome. It may not have been the brightest show in the world, but Under the Dome’s cheesiness kept us watching. With increasingly outlandish plots and twists that wouldn’t look out of place on Westworld, the show limped to its third and final season. Its similarities to Westworld come from being in a very large area, but actually confined without escape. We are yet to see the edge of Westworld, but you can just imagine it being in a giant Truman Show-style compound.

5. Pretty Little Liars – How To Get Away With Murder


If you’re looking for a seriously juicy murder mystery, feast your eyes on this ABC drama. The show opens with not one murder, but two: the murder of a college co-ed and an unseen person whose murder is being covered up by the show’s four main characters. Like Pretty Little Liars, How To Get Away With Murder also involves young people in situations way behind what they thought they could handle, but unlike the ABC Family show, there’s not a whole lot of trust between this group of friends. Our team believes that HTGAWM is the perfect recommendation for all you PLL fans.

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