6 Merchandise Shopping Websites in India

Finding quirky and affordable fandom merchandise in India can be a big task. We’ve listed down some of the best websites to make it easier.


redwolf-classic-white-logo-red-tee-artwork-indiaRedwolf is an independent clothing label that was started way back in 2011. Their goal is to curate some fantastic artwork by artists from all over the globe. Theyr also collaborate with bands and festivals, TV shows and great causes from time to time. You can find the officia merch of Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, The Big Banf Theory, Breaking Bad, Star Ward, DC Comics, Marvel, Nucleya etc. on their website.

2. VoxPop

voxpop-logo-largeAt VoxPop, they love pop culture as much as you do and that’s what they’re all about. They’re here to celebrate fandoms big and small by being the voice of iconic pop culture in India. Their designs are a collage of unique pop culture expressions, authentic to their partner brands and designed for passionate fans just like you. So if there’s a music artist you’ve been hearing on loop, a movie you saw that you can’t get out of your head or a TV show or game you’ve binged on, they’ve most likely got its official merchandise on their online store.

3. Otaku Village


Otaku Village is your one stop universe for all your otaku needs in India and all over the world. It was founded with love for anime/gaming in India. They have merchandise, Cosplay, Fan art, Blogs, Reviews, AMV’s and much more to keep your otaku cravings satisfied.

4. The Souled Store


The Souled Store was started by 4 friends, all engineers because they wanted more from life than a 9 to 5 job. They wanted to create something they could be proud of and more importantly, something that would bring happiness to everyone. With that objective in mind, they started off as an online marketplace that provides independent artists a platform to showcase and monetize their creativity. The Souled Store is not just a website or an organisation but a community of like-minded people getting together and expressing themselves through their work.

5. Planet Superheroes


Planet Superheroes is India’s first and only online store for Superheroes & Comic Character Merchandise. Be it your passion for Superheroes or Comic Characters or just something stylish to wear, they have a range of T-Shirts, Hoodies, Boxers, Flip Flops, Memorabilia, iPhone Cases and much more. Planet Superheroes.com is an ecommerce platform, forum and community for everybody who loves trendy, casual, funky fashion and their superheroes of course! With lots of styles in each category, their exhaustive collection will leave you spoilt for choice. Watch out for eclectic prints, hip designs and lots of colors. Be it Batman, Superman, Catwoman, Hulk, Wolverine or classic characters like Mickey Mouse and Tom & Jerry they have it all.

6.  Every Flavour Geeks


They have fandom Inspired stuff for nerds like Merchandise, Posters, Accessories, Phone Cases and other Creatives all under one roof.

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