4 Awesome Nerd Subscription Boxes

A subscription box is a recurring, physical delivery of niche products packaged as an experience and designed to offer additional value on top of the actual retail products contained in a box. Nerd Subscription Boxes is the monthly door step delivery of a box full of awesome fandom merchandise based on your taste and preferences. It’s like a surprise gift for your own self!

  1. Geek Fuel


Geek Fuel is a geek subscription box that sends video games, t-shirts, toys, collectibles and other exclusive geeky gear. Each box promises items worth $50+ which includes a guaranteed t-shirt, 5-8 epic items, exclusive gear, everyday essentials and downloadable games. While this company is based out of India, they ship to India but the payment has to be made in dollars.

2. Nerd Blocknerd-block-logo-660x337

Nerd Block is a monthly subscription box for geeks and gamers. This box typically includes, at least, a figurine or two, and always a new exclusive shirt. It has different categories of subscriptions like classic, gamer, horror, sci-fi, comic and junior. This company too is based out of India but ships here and the subscription starts at $19.99/month.

3. Geek Crate


Geek Crate is a monthly subscription service for all geeks who love comics, movies, gaming, television and anime. Each crate has  merchandise over Rs. 2500! and subscriptions start at Rs. 1599/month and go down to 1499/month for a period of 6 months. This company is based in India and is the first of it’s kind.

4. The Bookling’s Crate


The Bookling’s Crate is a monthly book subscription service that delivers a Young Adult fantasy read along with bookish merchandise. The new book subscription service is the brainchild of Ms. Uthara Mehta and was launched this month (Jan, 2017). Each box contains a newly released paperback copy of a YA novel and carefully selected bookish goodies that adhere to a theme. Book subscription boxes are gaining popularity these days but a majority of the boxes are US based, which means Indian book lovers would have to pay a heavy shipping fee to enjoy such boxes.The best part about The Bookling’s Crate is that it is based in India.


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